Conformation Ring Stewards

Ring Stewards are responsible for the smooth running of a specific ring to enable the judge to concentrate on judging the dogs. Working closely with the judge, you get to see conformation from their perspective, which will improve your own handling skills. At the Coeur d'Alene Dog Fanciers' show, Ring Stewards are provided with lunch and parking. Non-members earn $50 per day or $25 for a half day. If you also plan to show your dog, the Chief Ring Steward will schedule you accordingly.


  • Distribute armbands to exhibitors.
  • Check off picked-up armbands in the Steward’s Book.
  • Call dogs into the ring. 
  • Let the Judge know if there are any absent dogs.
  • Pull ribbons needed for the dogs in the ring.
  • If asked, tell the Judge a dog’s birthdate from Steward’s Book. 
  • Write 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placements in Steward’s Book next to armband #s.
  • Write the winners’ numbers in the Steward’s Book in the appropriate spaces.
  • If a dog makes a mess in the ring, provide cleaning supplies to the exhibitor. (The exhibitor should clean up the mess but the steward can help by holding the dog’s leash.)
  • Set up or have someone set up the table or ramp when needed. 

Download the Stewards Presentation below to learn more about being a Conformation Ring Steward. 


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Ring Stewarding for 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy

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