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What Class Should I Take?

If you have a puppy under 6-months old, Puppy Socialization or AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy (with exam for an AKC certificate – for more information click here) are geared toward the shorter attention span of puppies under 6 months old. They will help your puppy begin to understand some basic commands such as sit and down, and help him adjust to living in a human household. Also, puppies usually have little experience interacting with strange dogs, so one goal is to help them learn how to play with dogs they don’t know well.

Beginning Obedience is for dogs over 6 months old, and young dogs that have taken Puppy Socialization/AKC S.T.A.R Puppy and need more consistency. After Beginning Obedience, there are a number of classes you may like to take, depending on your interests and goals. Our trainers will be happy to guide you. Below are some of the more commonly taken options:


Option 1:

Beginning Obedience – gain consistency with basic skills (sit, down, stay, walk on loose leash)
Canine Good Citizen – proofing basic skills and preparing for the CGC exam. Read more… 

Option 2:

Beginning Obedience – gain consistency with basic skills (sit, down, stay, walk on loose leash)
Beyond Basics – proofing and refining basic skills in fun, new, different situations
Novice Obedience – moves dogs into more advanced skills such as off-leash healing; it also prepares dogs for AKC Novice Obedience trials for those who are interested in competing

Option 3:

Beginning Obedience – gain consistency with basic skills (sit, down, stay)
Beginning Rally – applying basic skills to rally exercises (ex: dog sits, then walks clockwise around you and then you both walk forward. Read more…


For additional training:

Open/Utility Obedience – designed for dogs competing in obedience trials at the Open and Utility levels, and also for all owners who want to work with their dogs at a more advanced, off-leash level
Proofing – work on off-leash, advanced skills with more distractions (ex: having to choose between taking a treat within reach and following a command).
Advanced Rally – off-leash, incorporating jumps and more complicated rally exercises

For information about training, contact:

Training Director:
Deborah Mansfield - 208-292-4222