Scent Work

Scent Work is patterned after the techniques used to train working detection dogs. You and your companion will work as a team to search for a specific scent. It is an activity that builds a bond between you and your dog and builds confidence in many dogs. For all dogs 9 months and older. In addition to the class fee of $50.00, there is a $10.00 material cost.

The weekly classes include but are not limited to:

  • Discussion of equipment
  • Games to play to encourage and motivate
  • Recognizing and alerting on odor
  • Leash handling
  • Obedience to odor
  • Container, exterior, interior, and vehicle searches
  • Rules and regulations to compete in Scent Work trials

Equipment needed:

  • Responsible shoes, no flip flops
  • HIGH value treats and plenty of them, but no raw meat
  • If your dog is toy motivated, bring two of the same toy
  • No females in season
  • Bring a hungry dog
  • Your dog should be energized, not tired
  • 6-foot leash and flat collar
  •  Please do not wear highly scented perfumes

Prerequisites:  None