Open Obedience

This is a competition obedience class with the intent of working toward showing at the Open level, although it is also good if you just want to work on more advanced skills with your dog. Students starting out in Open or ready to show are welcome. The goal is to be able to work off lead with your dog.
Exercises to be taught include:

  • Retrieving on the flat and over the high jump
  • Broad jump
  • Out of sight group sit (3 minutes) and group stay (5 minutes)
  • Drop on recall

Equipment needed:

  • 6-foot leash (leather or fabric, comfortable in your hand)
  • An appropriate collar for training purposes
  • If using treats, a pocket with small, soft, tasty treats

The Novice Obedience class completed with the Instructor’s recommendation; and/or be able to demonstrate their ability to perform the Novice exercises.