Novice Obedience

Designed for students wanting to improve their skills and their dog’s performance. The Novice class is the foundation for future levels of training and participation in Novice Obedience trial competition, which is a goal for many people. Dogs work both on and off lead, and time and distance of exercises increases, with recalls and group sits and downs (1 and 3 minutes) about 40 feet away. For dogs 6 months and older and handlers 15 years and older, exceptions with instructor’s approval.
Exercises to be taught include:

  • Figure 8 heeling
  • Stand for exam
  • Heeling off lead
  • Recall and finish off lead
  • Sit and down stay with handlers across the room

Equipment needed:

  • 6-foot leash (leather or fabric, comfortable in your hand)
  • An appropriate collar for training purposes
  • If using treats, a pocket with small, soft, tasty treats

Prerequisites: Beginning Obedience class or comparable skills.