Beginning Obedience

Designed to teach you and your dog basic skills for a family dog, and to prepare both of you for further classes. This is the foundation for all Obedience and Rally classes. Classes are structured to provide an opportunity to work with your dog around other dogs and distractions, and to receive guidance from instructors for learning both training exercises and addressing problems living with your dog. Dogs should be 6 months or older, able to participate in a class situation safely around dogs and people. Handlers 15 years or older, exceptions with instructor’s approval.

Exercises to be taught include:

  • Focus
  • Walking on a loose leash with automatic sit beside handler
  • Sit for exam (instructor touching dog’s head)
  • Recall (dog comes and sits in front of handler)
  • Finish (dog returns to heel position)
  • Sit and down stay

Equipment needed:

  • 6-foot leash (leather or fabric, comfortable in your hand)
  • An appropriate collar for training purposes
  • If using treats, a pocket with small, soft, tasty treats

Prerequisites: None